The Lost Books – Paper prototype (project for Edx-MIT)


The goal of the Lost Books Card Game is to collect complete books, each book being a set of 7 cards. Completing a Book quest will require to collect resources and craft different items while dodging hostile mobs who show up occasionally in the resource pile. The winner is the player who has more books at the end of the game.

The Gameplay. This is a game for 2 players. Players take turns. In each turn you can:

  • Draw one resource card
  • Craft one crafting item if you have the required resources
  • Use cards to complete an action or a quest
  • Drop one card that you do not need

The Books Quests cards are aligned on the table. Read them to know the list of items required to complete each quest. You can take a Book Quest card a once you have collected the 6 book cards, and the required crafting cards.

The Crafting Cards deck can be picked up and looked at anytime. The crafting cards are crafted items that you can use to complete the Quests or to protect from hostile mobs. You can take a Crafting Card once you have collected the required resources to craft the item.

The Resource cards deck contains:

  • Books cards: each card is a « chapter » of a book. Collect the 6 cards of a book to get the cover card.
  • Resource cards: Use them to craft items. They can be wood, gold, sugarcane, as well as animal mobs.
  • Hostile Mobs cards: if you draw one of these cards, you must discard 3 cards, except if you have a weapon card.
  • Special cards: these cards allow special actions, like taking a card from your opponent, or taking a free crafting card (these cards can only be used once).

Inventory limit: 6 books cards, 6 resources cards

Thank you to for creating the original Minecraft Card game, which I only build upon to add my own quests/achievements.

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